Chichester Harbour Conservancy

The Conservancy look after Chichester Harbour, and have a brilliant website. It has loads about the harbour, and is particularly good if you are interested in the wildlife in the harbour area.

They also publish a great little booklet that contains a number of the walks on this website. Where this is the case, I have linked to their itinerary rather than try and re-invent the same thing. My thanks to the Conservancy for this, but if you are particularly interested in walking around the harbour, 'The Walker's Guide' is only four pounds, so I would strongly recommend that you invest in a copy.

The picture here is of an oyster boat 'Terror' which you can pay to ride on during the summer - it's incredible value for money, and a brilliant way to get out on the water.

For those with more of a land lubber leaning, they also run a solar-powered pontoon boat called 'Solar Heritage'. A more sedate option

Chichester Harbour Conservancy
Terror Oyster Boat
Walker's Guide